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Monday, February 09, 2004

Dinner w/Belz

I had dinner at a Welsh pub in St. Louis last Dec. 13th. The joint was called Llewellyn's, and my host was the affable, fashionable, witty Aaron Belz.

I had the flank steak, medium rare, topped with (or was it on top of?) a generous portion of Welsh Rarebit/Rabbit. Bloody meat, soggy bread, and alcoholicky, slightly bitter, cheese sauce. Mmm. Belz had the chips (an odd cross between a "Saratoga" style chip, and a more traditional "french-fry" chip). Belz was watching his figure. I was not, as I am obese. We each had a couple of pints of Fuller's ESB. Or maybe it was porter.

Then, there was a reading, w/me, Arielle Greenberg, and Shane Seely. They didn't eat, Arielle and Shane. They don't need food. Afterward, I went down a big slide, and had beers with Stefene Russell (star of the acclaimed "Plan 10 From Outer Space") and her husband, Thom. Thom took a photo of Belz and I. Then I sat in a cold hotel room and ate bad delivery pizza. I had HBO, though, which made me pretty darn happy.

Kent Johnson and I are planning on eating fish tacos soon.

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