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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Books/Music Acquired

Kenneth Koch: A Possible World, Sun Out
      Snagged these from the Northwest Review office. I paid Witte 10 bucks for the both of them. I also eyed a Terry Eagleton book, hefted it, replaced it on the shelf.

Neelam Batra: 1000 Indian Recipes
      Batra has almost as many Indian Recipes as Jordan Davis has poems. A couple dozen potato treatments here, which I appreciate. The other night I prepared Bhunae Aalu aur Moong-Phalli (Crispy Fork-Mashed Potatoes with Roasted Peanuts) for dinner and ate them with Paula Abdul. (Well, she was in the room, sort of...on the TV with a lot of bad singers.) The best thing about this book though is not the recipes but the blurbage, specifically the following:

"To savor a proper curry is to feel your palate awakened with an explosion of flavor. Neelam's recipes simmer with the fire of life." MICHAEL JACKSON, AWARD WINNING ENTERTAINER AND INDIAN FOOD LOVER.

Swami (formerly known as l'Bourgeoizine) #8--early 2004
      Guh sent me this but the actual editorship is unclear. Lots of good stuff here though. The Metallica cover of "Last Caress" really is much better than Danzig's Misfits original.

Mixed CD with no title.
      One of my students burned this for me. I guess I look and/or act old enough (but not too old, as the burning wouldn't have occurred at all, then) or unhip enough to require help or guidance with what the young kids are listening to nowadays. To tell the truth, much of this stuff is not new to me (Built to Spill and Modest Mouse, bands I still don't care for), some bootlegged Wilco tracks. A couple new discoveries, too--notably the Decemberists.

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