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Monday, March 22, 2004

Poem Test

The results are in.

Poet A is Robyn Schiff, as Josh Corey correctly guessed. All test-takers guessed that this poem was written by a woman except for one, but I imagine the one was being disingenuous for reasons I can't go into here. One disliked the title. The poem is from Robyn's book, Worth. It's blurbed by Mark Levine and Lyn Hejinian. A couple of people guessed that this poet was fond of sushi. I'm not sure. Every time I've dined with Robyn and her husband, she's eaten either meat (steak, chicken, etc.) or the same pasta dish--one with sausage. I haven't seen her eat sushi. Interestingly, many responses indicated that this poet was probably educated at Iowa. She was.

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