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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Other Aarons

First, Aaron McCollough has a poem in the new Canary. He is also just plain sweeeeet. Now I must confess something. On the back cover of The Canary #3, his name is misspelled. For this I am completely embarrassed. We managed to spell it correctly on the page on which his poem appears, but on the back cover, the first "o" became a "u." I know how frustrating this sort of thing is and I want to profusely apologize in public. So there.

Next, Aarón Sanchez, a Food Network pretty boy and the son of Zarela Martinez, writes in his cookbook, La Comida Del Barrio, the following description of good taco-stand tacos:

"The preparation is very strict: two tortillas--small, white-corn ones (not big ones, not yellow-corn, not flour)--are moistened with lard and heated on a lard-brushed griddle; the tortillas are doubled up and wrapped around the filling of your choice, topped with chopped white onion, cilantro, and a pureed red or green salsa if the filling is a roasted meat; and served with lime wedges on the side. No cheese, no sour cream, no rice, no beans."

So far, so good. I can't, in good conscience, vouch for that final semicolon, but otherwise, I agree and heartily endorse this taco.

BUT, two pages later appears the following recipe:


Fish tacos are eaten primarily in Baja California....[and are] usually made with a firm, meaty fish, such as shark or mahimahi, which is battered and fried, then rolled in a tortilla. Personally, I think this cooking method makes the taco greasy and soggy, and masks the true essence of the fish. This lighter version of marinating the fish and then grilling brings out more flavors."

It goes on. Okay. Fine. I'll bet your fucking fish taco tastes good, but it just ain't right. Of course, he omits all mention of the mysterious white sauce and the cabbage.

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