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Monday, May 31, 2004

This cracked me up:

Just now received an email from Social Worker/Counselor/Forrest Whitaker Hater extraordinaire, Julia Beckner-Covert. It contained the following, which made me spit coffee all over my clean Pixies t-shirt:

"What are you writing today? I am writing a paper about the psychosocial issues of men with fragile x syndrome. They all have macroorchidism, which means BIG BALLS. Maybe even bigger than the Swayze's in Road House. Maybe the Swayze has macroorchidism and fragile x."

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shanna said...

I still giggle when I hear "Big Balls in Cowtown." In fact, that song, as much as I love it, has the most ridiculous lyrics. "Big balls in Cowtown, we'll all go down. Big balls in Cowtown, we'll dance around." !!!