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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Tony's Summer Tour 2004

That's right, kids. I'm going on a summer tour. The only confirmed dates so far are the following:

September 4, Bend, OR, Les Schwab Amphitheatre: The Pixies
September 6, Seattle, WA, Bumbershoot Festiveal: The Pixies

The third week of June is wide open. Invite me to your city. If there are poetry events happening, awesome. If not, we can go to a nice restaurant or a foodcart. We'll, I'll probably want to do that anyway, poetry or no.

Also, August 15 thru the third week of September are also open. I'm planning on making two or three trips, at least. I'll bring me, and maybe some poems.

I might make T-shirts. This is your official invitation to invite me to where you are.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're more than invited to Iowa City or Atlanta!! Not sure what's going on those weeks, but people are always talking poetry in Iowa City! You could probably teach a mini-class in magazine stuff at the Young Writers Studio. For real.