"I am an idealistic, naive, passionate, truth-seeking, spiritually motivated artist, unschooled in the science of law and finance." --Wesley Snipes

Saturday, April 30, 2005



Anonymous said...

Dude, I want that T-shirt!

Hang the DJ!
Hang the DJ!
Hang the DJ!

-A Mr.

Charles said...


Nice tee, btw.

Sara said...

You look nice with bacon.

Ali Davis said...

You just needed Kate Bush AND bacon and are now unstoppable.

Ali Davis said...

P.S. I am madly in love with Morrissey. I saw him from the fourth row and he threw his shirt into the crowd after "There is a Light..." I am hoping he will make an exception for me.

C. Dale said...

What is with the word "bacon"? The minute I saw the word, I wanted some, and then your picture loaded and I saw the strip of bacon and I started salivating. Cruel Tony, taunting us with your bacon! ;)

Tony said...


You can't have this shirt. I have other Smiths shirts, too. You can't have them either.


Thanks. You can't have it.


Thanks. You look nice too. With anything, really. I miss looking at you.


You were right, as always.

[Puts on Kate Bush CD, ingests Morrissey-transmogrification pill, affects an accent, says, "Alison Stine, I will make an exception for you."]

C. Dale,

As a physician, you should know that bacon is unhealthy. Shame!

Joseph Massey said...

I love this picture so much, Tony. Thank you.

C. Dale said...


Surely you must know that doctors are anything but healthy!

Anonymous said...

Tony, that shirt wouldn't fit me anyway. So there. I don't eat enough BACON!


Charles said...


Fine. You keep the t-shirt. I'll take the man inside it.

Anonymous said...

What did you do with the bacon? Did you have a BLT?
I love bacon ever so much.

Erin B. said...

'Because the music that they constantly play/ says nothing to me about my life'.

Very nice.

Julie said...

I think bacon was the food of the gods. The Truth About Ambrosia.

Anonymous said...