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Monday, June 27, 2005

In Honor of Maureen Thorson

Ninjas assassinate Pirates—series tied 3 to 3

In last week’s ballyhooed Pirate show,
The Ninjas made a strong
Cup of tea. Led by Sho Kosugi,
The Ninjas out-drank Johnny Depp,
Blackbeard, Bluebeard, and Captain
Morgan by an astonishing margin.

The tetsubishi and shurikens lent
A frightening air
To the Caribbean night air in which
The pirates were accustomed
To breathing. Tabi boots and bolos
Were also in attendance.

John Lennon and the surviving Beatles
(along w/Freddie Mercury, always
more a fan of pirates than ninjas)
attended the Steelers game, parrots &
eyepatches in tow. X marks the spot;
Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden
Made a brief appearance.

Bill Murray was pitching Eight Pieces
Rum, the perfect libation
For a plundering session. I got drunk
And weepy over a photograph
Of Scarlett Johansson, didn’t even
Notice the dude in the black hood
Until it was much too late.

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Reen said...

Yay! This is super-awesome fantastico!