"I am an idealistic, naive, passionate, truth-seeking, spiritually motivated artist, unschooled in the science of law and finance." --Wesley Snipes

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm probably gonna catch shit for this....

but a blogger recently referred to me as a "latent tortilla eater," and THEN offered to critique my poems to make them more ethnically appropriate. Lately, my shrink has been encouraging me to embrace my anger. I generally don't get angry, but ignorance raises my hackles. Identity politics and mindless ethnic/racial/social class essentialism pisses me the fuck off. Yes, I'm being sincere. I eat tortillas all the time. Beans too. You got a problem??


For the Tortilla School

Tonight I shall eat fake Mexican
food with my real brother, who is half-
Mexican—some would call him a fake
Mexican—at a fake Mexican restaurant
which is really a Salvadoran restaurant
that serves really hot salsa with their
fake Mexican delicacies and delicious
curtido with their (as far as I know) authentic
& excellent pupusas. I too was once
accused of being a fake Mexican,
(never authentic or excellent),
but I’ve only been to Mexico twice &
never lived in the barrio. (You asshole.)
I feel like the speaker in
Anselm Hollo’s poem “Godlike.”
I eat tortillas when I feel like it.
I never roll my Rs. I don’t cash in on
my skin. I’m white on the inside.
Like a fucking ice cream sandwich.


Greg Schapp said...

You're more like a dipped cone from the kridge DQ.

Tony said...

You crazy motherfucker! How the hell are you? How long has it been? Don't make me come up to Tualatin and kick your Swiss ass....

Write me a real email, bitch!

doejohn69 said...


you are my hero.

Reb said...

Tony, you can enroll in Rebbie U. Now that I know what you are on the inside, I'll insist you write about titties.

C. Dale said...

Tony, This is why I love you inside and out. That doesn't sound too good, but you know what I mean. Identity politics is pointless after a point. We are all people.

Jonathan said...

Didn't you go through that whole thing last year with some other idiot? Maybe you should tell everyone you're Asian American just like C. Dale Young, whom I saw recently in an anthology of As-Am Poetry.

jenni said...

you think you got it bad dude? I'm blonde AND polish. yea, i love perogies and vodka, i cant screw in a light bulb without three other blonde polocks, i don't know how to ski, ya gotta problem wit dat?

btw, your friend's tats are f'n hottt.

C. Dale said...

I did write "after a point" to qualify my statement about identity politics. I appear in an As Am Anth because I am part Asian American. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Jonathan said...

That's my point, in a way. Oftentimes identity only goes so far to explain who someone is (or isn't).

Anonymous said...

I've got something to say: I ate a tortilla today!

-Glenn Danzig

Anonymous said...

I'm black on both sides like Mos Def.