"I am an idealistic, naive, passionate, truth-seeking, spiritually motivated artist, unschooled in the science of law and finance." --Wesley Snipes

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


1. Dissertated for several hours yesterday. Plan on doing more this afternoon.

2. Read Ted Berrigan for several hours yesterday.

3. Read Julia Mayhew's "Fox of Gold." Charming!

4. Read Jess Mynes "In(ex)teriors/Ex(in)teriors." Clark Coolidge vs. David Trinidad in a grudge match with Joseph Ceravolo officiating and Gertrude Stein looking on.

5. The coffee girls were nice to me today.

6. Most people are decent.

7. My scales don't lie.

8. Melons are coming into season soon. And corn!

9. Life is good.

10. [........................................]


Jess said...

Ha. That's awesome. Your post gots me reading Trinidad's off the web. New to me. I'll order some via library. Pretty cool.

poetzie said...

What's your dissertation about? Do you have a creative option?

Tony said...


it was a pleasure to read. i mention trinidad because of the pop culture stuff in there. he's all about it.

anyway, first half of book blew me away. second half, not as much, but i'm having a difficult time articulating why--good writing, but not as immediately engaging as part one. overall, though, a great read. i recommend it heartily.

Tony said...

To the creative option I say "Chale!"

Eduardo C. Corral said...

Coffee girls? Chale to that! Can I be your latte boy?

Jess said...


Thanks. Part 1 is more ratta-tat-tat. If you read it aloud part 1 has more consonant emphasis and spare phrasing. I usually read from this part at readings. The structures are longer and looser in part 2, hoping to incorporate more and vowels take the fore. Generally speaking, cause the composition is often paragraph to paragraph. The shift is from exterior, 1st part, to interior, 2nd part, and the imagery also shifts more or less from pop: tv, newspapers, etc. to personal: my grandmother's collections, my grandfather's wooden leg, and the diner they ran. Perhaps the personal is a little less immediately engaging. I could definitely see why. Also the shift is from exterior world to interior sussing of that world so to speak. Dunno, any of this ring true for your reading? Writing it, I liked the first part better initially and the second part better eventually.

Jess said...

That might qualify as a boring post on process, doh.

Aaron Tieger said...

I agree that the first half of Jess' book is "easier" than the second. But still very rewarding. A beautiful little book.