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Thursday, August 18, 2005




Jejune Blanket


Anonymous said...

are you gonna post an NS poem or just talk about something that isn't happening, which i'm not fully objected to, but i wanna see the non-boring poems, as you consider most else that is not NS to be boring

Reb said...

I'm not speaking for Tony, just myself -- but he is one of the editors of The Canary -- so you could read that, or you could read his poem selections in Poetry Dailer

Or you could read the poems at No Tell Motel (http://www.notellmotel.org) -- most of the poems published there I would argue fit into NS.

Or you could look at the side bar and read some of his own poems linked.

Or read a little more his blog where he discusses specific poems.

Tony said...

Thanks, Reb.

You could check out Andy Mister's poems on No Tell Motel as well, and buy a copy of Joe Massey's chapbooks.

But there are other poets writing poems we like who aren't "new sincerists." This isn't a club. We don't only like our own work.

Matt Hart is a great poet (and Editor of a Great Journal) whose work we really like.

Check it out!

And Laurel and Reb.

Check it out!


Reb said...

And pointing out the obvious to these bold anons -- perhaps your questions would be answered if you went back and actually read the past couple months of what Tony has been writing on this blog.

Or in shorthand, RTFM!