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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Question for the Million Poet

Doesn't [x] (where [x] stands for any utterer) always write to provoke a reaction?

Anyone who writes for the public, or any audience beyond him or herself, wishes for feedback, right?


I can only assume that J. is referring to Ron's slight swipe at "NY School"-influenced poetries. But that's kinda silly. Ron's take on The Tiny, by the way, is a little different than mine. But I'll share that later. For now, I'm glad that Gina's & Gabi's hard work is getting noticed.


Hmm...Ron NEVER wrote a thing about _The Canary_, also a very good, intelligent journal.

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Anonymous said...

can you please post what you considered a NS poem by any NS poet? i'm really interested in you bit and want to learn more...