"I am an idealistic, naive, passionate, truth-seeking, spiritually motivated artist, unschooled in the science of law and finance." --Wesley Snipes

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Saturday Alone Again

Thanks to Joe and Anne, James Joyce's dirty love letters. If you are a New Sincerist, or love a New Sincerist, or sleep with a New Sincerist, you owe it to yourself to see JJ at his most sincere.


Today, my favorite coffee girl, the one whose name is dangerously close to the name of my ex-gf, asked me why, when I drink iced coffee, i require four shots of espresso, but only three when it's hot. I didn't have an answer, but upon leaving the Evil Coffee Emporium, one occurred to me. Back in my younger days, I drank two or more pots of coffee daily. I was something of a fiend. By my late twenties, I had graduated to a four shot Americano in a 16 oz. cup. My poor stomach lining could take no more. I began to notice, however, that I would never finish the full 16 oz. My drink would invariably go cold at the two-thirds mark. So I switched to taking three shots in a 12 oz. cup. This was a waste of a shot, as ECE baristas can pull shots in twos, but not threes. Occasionally, a sharp ECE espresso-puller will ask me if I want the extra shot, and I always take it. When drinking espresso over ice, however, I always take four shots, as I have no problem with keeping it the right temperature. I always finish my iced drink much more quickly than the hot one. Thanks, cute coffee girl!


I am declaring today Official Librarian Poet Day. Please pay your regards to Andy Carter, Aaron Tieger, and Jess Mynes.


In the mail today: contributor's copies of Quarterly West, featuring poems by two people who have been associated with the New Sincerity: Yours Truly and Charlie Jensen. (Hot poems, by the way, Charlie.)


I made the back cover of the new ZYZZYVA again. I think this is the fourth time. My contribution? The terse, pithy, "It is raining in Eugene."


Yesterday, I think a beer serving lass flirted with me. She asked me for gum, which I happened to have, and then said, "I love you." But this was after she had spent the previous hour shooting glances at me as I sat on a high stool and enjoyed beer.

Ladies--there isn't enough Tony for everyone.


Lately, I've read some very good poetry in manuscript from: Erica Bernheim, Aaron Tieger, and Joe Massey. Keep it coming, friends.


In the "to read" pile: Quarterly West, Carve #6, Ange Mlinko's Starred Wire, Ted Mathys's Forge.


a said...

My librarian friends need to drink more, a very quiet bunch...anyway, I also drink a 4 shot iced "Americano." One for breakfast. One after dinner. Winter and Summer. The only thing I can count on.

a said...

Damn, can't edit comments. I also wanted to say that I listened to "I wish that I had Jesse's girl" by Rick Springfield in the car today. I found myself thinking "This is a song of the New Sincerity." Such thoughts to think in Emporia.

Tony said...

my iced americano (which contains no melted water, at least initially)is usually taken between the hours of 11 am and 1 pm. This week, however, I took it earlier in the day as I had to get up earlier because some jerk-off was fixing my shower. I say "some jerk-off" because he left my bathroom in a shambles, didn't clean up his mess, and did a horrendous tiling job, and fucked up the knobs.

"Jesse's girl" is one of those songs, like "My best friend's girl" by the Cars, that oozes sincerity. The latest Mountain Goats CD is very very sincere.

Emily Lloyd said...

Ho, I'm a librarian, too. But I suppose the "poet" part is up for grabs...

Aaron Tieger said...

Technically I'm an archivist. But technically I'm not anything but unemployed. But I appreciate it.

Some of the biggest lushes & craziest people I've known have been librarians.

Glad also that you're enjoying the poems. A few of them got into a webzine recently. Let me know what you think.

Jess said...

I missed this yesterday, so I'm taking today, a wonderful rainy one, as my lib-po day.