"I am an idealistic, naive, passionate, truth-seeking, spiritually motivated artist, unschooled in the science of law and finance." --Wesley Snipes

Monday, August 15, 2005

Today's Sincerity Update

We're sincere because we fucking mean it. We're not cool, trust me. I haven't been laid in 8 months. My shoelaces are rotting. And the other founding members of The New Sincerity are anything but cool. I don't think they'll have any problems with me making that assertion. We're misfits. We're not cute. We don't genuflect before aesthetic trends. We have songs stuck in our throats and we're determined to let them we out, so we let them out. We're not afraid to pluck the lyre that's perched inside each and every one of us.


Wil said...

Tony. My friend. It's good to see you actively blogging. Nice new picture of you in the sunshine and the crisp white shirt. It looks New and you look Sincere in it. Which reminds me - this NS movement intrigues me. Continue writing about it (as though you could be stopped).

TWest said...

let us decide how cute you are, OK?

Tony said...


Good to "see" you hear. Joe Massey is supposed to be compiling a New Sincerity Archive. He produces a few new statements a week, so you might want to check his blog as well as this one. Reb Livingston and Charles Jensen also occasionally crow for the NS.


Sure. Decide away--those words were Massey's, not mine. Apparently HE doesn't think I'm cute.

JWG said...

Is it safe to say that bc I have no idea what the new sincerity movement is that I am not a part of it or does that acknowledgement just put me more at risk?

Since we have been given names of who is a New Sincerest, could we also be given some names of those who are not. I want to know who yr enemies are.

Reb said...

My enemies are Bono and stubborn stains.

a said...

Tony, I didn't realize the connection between you, NS, and Mr. Massey as I recently ordered Eureka Slough, on a whim, while ordering Kent's new chapbook (and one by Dale Smith...props to effing press). I look forward to reading his book (and Mr. Johnson's and Dale's also). How about that...I'm using stranger's first names. Love chapbooks, hate fat padded books of po.

Charles said...

I've always thought the New Sincerists were especially sexy and adorable, although perhaps unconventionally so. But: delicious nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Seconded. The New Sincerists work their unclassical shit. And that's what makes 'em so freakin hot.

NS Groupie tees available soon.

Laura x.

Tony said...

Woohoo! Unconventionally delicious new sincerists in nifty t-shirts.

I heard they were going to have locusts on them.

Tony said...


The new sincerity has no enemies. A few detractors, maybe, but enemies, nope. We run parallel, not perpendicular. Remember. And recognize!

We feel, dig?

JWG said...


I can dig it. I am, after all, on the hip tip. Didn’t you know?