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Monday, August 01, 2005

Whitey Sin Exposed!

bobnewhartfan: do you think that a rejection of emotion in poetry is the rejection of the feminine?
GinaBird4: that's a tough one
GinaBird4: I would say no
GinaBird4: I think that emotion is usually tied to the idea of the feminine but I think that is false
GinaBird4: everyone experiences emotion

GinaBird4: what is scrapple?
bobnewhartfan: scrapple is stuff that ron silliman and joe massey eat.
bobnewhartfan: it's a philadelphia thing.
GinaBird4: I am e-mailing david shapiro right now
bobnewhartfan: it's like, random pig scraps pressed into a spam-like block and served for breakfast
GinaBird4: ew
bobnewhartfan: do you like carne asada burritos?
GinaBird4: I am kind of a vegetarian
GinaBird4: I was for 8 years until this past 4th of july
GinaBird4: I've never had a carne asada burrito
bobnewhartfan: yes, i know. then you had a cheeseburger
bobnewhartfan: i was a vegetarian for two years back in my idealistic early twenties


GinaBird4: I am listening to a mix andy made me--but I have no idea who it is that I am listening to right now
GinaBird4: he didn't give me the track listings
bobnewhartfan: ah. i made laura a mix
GinaBird4: nice
GinaBird4: I just read your post
bobnewhartfan: good! good work! read that post!
bobnewhartfan: did you make an insightful comment?
GinaBird4: not yet--I'm going to finish my letter to david first
GinaBird4: then I'll re-read it and make an insightful comment
GinaBird4: I feel like you say everything that needs to be said. The only response I can think of is "paddle, paddle"
bobnewhartfan: comment with a non sequitir if you have to
GinaBird4: It seems funny to me that one even has to be in the position to make a case for emotion. But if one needed to, then you have made the case for emotion. Of course there is emotional poetry out there. Of course we can write what we want. Of course we can be newly sincere.
bobnewhartfan: yes. that's what i'm talking about
GinaBird4: sweet
GinaBird4: I slightly changed it before I posted it
bobnewhartfan: so when someone like paisley rekdal makes her case, she's really making a case for "look at me!" she's really saying that she doensn't want to be unhip and all louise gluck and shit, but that she's also dissatisfied with sillimans and tosts. so are most of us. she couches her comments in lingo and rhetoric that makes it seem like she's fighting the small man's good fight, that she is the minority voice. actually, though, i think she's speaking for most of us.
GinaBird4: right
GinaBird4: because no one is using emotion the way she is using emotion
GinaBird4: you know, good...
bobnewhartfan: or, yeah...i mean it's tricky.
bobnewhartfan: have you read her poetry? it's standard SOQ. everyone is doing that.
GinaBird4: I was kidding with that comment
GinaBird4: I have read some of her poetry
bobnewhartfan: but she wants to appeal to those of us who may sit on the fence
GinaBird4: I think the fence is where it's at
GinaBird4: fuck SoQ and post-avants
GinaBird4: I'm hanging out with the birds on the fence
GinaBird4: and on the phone lines
bobnewhartfan: or those of us who are still young enough and hip enough to know that it's uncool to be SOQ (even if we are) and it's cool to be post-avant, but who also realize that the post-avant stuff that we see the most of (tost, silliman) is BORING.
bobnewhartfan: so we all want to be better post-avanters
GinaBird4: I recently was called post-avant by matt henriksen
GinaBird4: he called me the NEW post-avant
bobnewhartfan: paisley, slightly older than us, slightly more well-known, is fighting for her life.
bobnewhartfan: how do i position myself? it's product placement, yo.
GinaBird4: for real
GinaBird4: and fuck product placement
bobnewhartfan: i will come out and say this--we (you, me, andy) are also placing product in a way
GinaBird4: tost is so interested in defining himself through who he reads, etc
GinaBird4: well yeah
bobnewhartfan: we have given ourselves a label that says we are unsatisfied with both options out there.
GinaBird4: that's right
bobnewhartfan: (as if there were only two options, dig?)
GinaBird4: yeah
GinaBird4: I know
bobnewhartfan: we are complicit
bobnewhartfan: we are workin' for the man!
GinaBird4: aw
GinaBird4: but I think being newly sincere is the best place to be
bobnewhartfan: i don't really want to know what people read. unless it's cookbooks and entertainment magazines
GinaBird4: nice
bobnewhartfan: i'm interested in reading reviews of the new Bob Mould album, see?
bobnewhartfan: not so much in reading about Zukofsky and how he influences someone's poetics. hey, I read "A" and you know what?
GinaBird4: I have had this talk with Andy--I don't know if he has told you or not, but I'm always talking about hating "poets"
bobnewhartfan: it's fucking long. (A, that is)
GinaBird4: I'm more interested in dancing and having fun and drinking
GinaBird4: living life
bobnewhartfan: yes. I hate poets too. this is how Andy and I first met
bobnewhartfan: through a mutual hatred of "Poets." Capital P.
bobnewhartfan: maybe "hate" is a strong word....distaste.
GinaBird4: that's what I liked when you posted lists on your blog of sincere acts you did that day
GinaBird4: like eating burritos
bobnewhartfan: haha. I don't remember that.
GinaBird4: etc
bobnewhartfan: oh yeah! eating burritos is awesome!
GinaBird4: it was when Andy was first in Eugene
bobnewhartfan: I get Lorna Dee points every time I eat one.
GinaBird4: I know, I love eating burritos!
GinaBird4: hehe
bobnewhartfan: if I accumulate 100 points I can trade them in for a "raza way" sticker.
bobnewhartfan: everytime I listen to the lemonheads, though, I lose 3 points
GinaBird4: uhoh
bobnewhartfan: I'm listening to them right now. "Alison's starting to happen..."
bobnewhartfan: my burrito points are in the negative.
bobnewhartfan: so what I was saying about the new sincerity is that we are really majority folk
GinaBird4: you need more burritos!
GinaBird4: yes
bobnewhartfan: we are unexceptional
GinaBird4: but proud of it
bobnewhartfan: i need to eat a fat torta
bobnewhartfan: you ever eat tortas in Brooklyn?
GinaBird4: I haven't--there is a place that has good ones according to one gabriella torres
bobnewhartfan: oh yeah. tortas are the bomb. mad props to gabi
GinaBird4: this has been good talk--but I need to get the hell on out of here!
GinaBird4: before I burn this office down
bobnewhartfan: word up. i'm gonna post this on the blog, kay?
GinaBird4: ok
bobnewhartfan: later bird. sister in sincerity.
GinaBird4: just maybe not the part where I'm like fuck those bastards!
bobnewhartfan: which part is that?
GinaBird4: sister in sincerity for life yo
bobnewhartfan: later!
GinaBird4: bye
GinaBird4 signed off at 1:55:36 PM.


Anonymous said...

Gina, scrapple is delicious. And anyway, haven't you been eating bacon?

For real tho, this conversation has inspired me -- cheered me up. I'm going to drink coffee now and write poems. I have my NS team jacket on.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my name.

The Deeply Suffering
Crafter of Lunes
And Tight Tercets
From the Bowels of His


gina said...

I make kick ass carne asada.

Tony said...

mmmmmmmmmm.....carne asada.

i wanna go to san diego...

gina said...

san diego?