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Friday, January 27, 2006

Here's To You exclusive preview!

I like Joe Massey despite his decision to delete his 1000th post anniversary post. In fact, to prove it, I'm going to post an exclusive preview poem from the Andrew Mister-Anthony Robinson collaborative chapbook "Here's To You," available soon at AWP in Austin and directly from Ms. Erica Kaufman's Boku Press in Beautiful Brooklyn.

Here's the poem. Raise a glass for Mr. Massey.


Joe Massey Drinks Steel Reserve

which is better than Stella, in my opinion, which
isn’t worth much because I’m a well-known
flake: I missed the reading & I missed the rock
show because I was busy listening to an mp3
of Frank O’Hara reading & the Clash
& contemplating “out and out meanness.”
I don’t think Joe is full of rage but I wouldn’t
know. I do know he drinks beer like me & that’s enough.

That & St. John’s Wort, Kristin Hersh,
& the month of May too wet this year & I too old
to make a difference but Steel Reserve still
gets me drunk because 211 is an alchemical symbol
for steel & the police code for a robbery
in progress which is also what it’s doing to me.

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