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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Adventures of Daniel H Continued



Here is a more recent letter. Damn!! My pen ran out of ink!! Will, I'm doing okay and I almost have a girlfriend, she is from Laos and she is good looking. If Kim and Erin are nice looking, she is just like them but a different color. Also I am in a gang now. It is called, (now don't laugh), it is called:ToForAFA or 2,4afa. It's a really weird name but it's a South Side Crips. i allready got in one fight agaisn't the West Side Vadio Crips. It was some shitt!! We have 17 people in our gang. It's nto a lot, but we are inisiating more people. I have a big black eye and my friends are all busted up also, but, we did kick some ass. The West Side Vadio Crips are all spread out and there one tough gang to fight. Maybe fighting ain't cool but this is how life is in the bigger cities. Hopefully we will have at least 20 or more people in our gang. Nobody fucks with you at the mall when you have your friends around and that is nice. Write to me before the 23rd or on that date, that is my 18th birthday. I'm not sure if I can come visit for awhile because Curt and my mom don't want me to because of that trouble. Hey Does any one miss me? I Hope so, because I don't want to feel as if I am some -- lone rtype of guy with no friends in Oakridge. Tell Kevin that he has to take my place and kick Luke C's ass for me since I didn't get a chance. Also Show Kevin this letter I want him to know about me and that I have almost a girlfriend and I am in a new gang. It's too bad you are not down here because you would like my friends and all the fuckin' hot girls down here. Girls, Girls, and even More Girls, it's hard to resist the pain when you are in a little town called Oakridge and there are only a few good looking Girls. Go am I lucky or what or I am I not so lucky. Is is sad that I am away from you guys in Oakridge. I sure think so and I miss you much. I'm in the Same School as I was in and the school has 9000 people in it. That is a lot bigger than Oakridge. There are some schools with 15000 people in the school and that kicks ass all the way to jupitor. I sure miss Oakridge. Well, that is enough of saying (miss, miss, miss). Well I gotta go, hope you enjoyed reading this letter. Write back or Die!!

Your friend
Chocolate (Ice)
Dan H.

P.S. Don't forget me and don't forget to show this letter to your friends. Please don't let me down!!)\


Panch said...

I fucking love Dan H. stories. He's a mechanic in Washington last time I heard. I write to him via E-mail every once in awhile.

Tony said...

Yeah. Dan H is da bomb. His teenage letters are pretty funny.

Give me his email address, yo.