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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Am Idol: Bucky Covington

Okay--first. That can't be his real name.

Looks like: Brad Pitt in Kalifornia.

Sounds like: That douchebag from Creed.

No, I'm sorry--looks like: A nearly drowned cat.

Sings Skynrd. What a surprise.

Randy brags about his bar-band experience.

Grade: B-


Bucky Supporter said...

Wow! The most unattractive people are always the most negative towards others. It is quite the anomaly. You almost feel sorry for poor Tony. What would it be like to live with such negativity and depression on a daily basis? Could he use his creativity and ‘way with words’ towards something constructive or possibly towards a career that could pay off instead of targeting others working towards their goals and dreams? Tony, heads up….. Most people see right through you when you represent yourself this way. Good thing you are an unknown… a internet peon if you will.

ArtChee said...

Don't know if BUCKY is the REAL name or not, but his grandpa, who started the Covington body shop, is Buck Covington.