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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

From the shoebox, er, archives...

May 12, 1991

Dear Erik D:

Hey you!! Well If ya can see at school I'm not fuck'n there. I'm in Bakersfield California. The reason I'm there is because I did a big fuck up and now my fuck'n life is fuck'n fucked up!!! Now I want you to know that this letter is not an original copy. I also want you to know that Thursday night the 2nd of May. I got very fuck'n pissed at my mother and did something that police ame and hand fuck'in cuffed me and put me in Skipworth juvenile detention faggot place. I couldn't believe it, I had to fuck'n stay there for over 24 hours. When Curt my step dad came to pick my fucked up body. He said Your packing up your bags and leaving tonight. That was friday night about nine o' clock, so I took a fuck'n greyhound doggie all the way to the big California state and burnt my brown chocolate fuck'n ice ass. Well tell Lindsay L, Danielle O, Summer K, Kim G, Erin S, April P, Jame N, Roxanne Moscript or however you spell her name, and Liz S, Debbie S, and all those beautiful knock-out chicks this--"I FUCK'N LOVE YOU AND I WISH I COULD BE WITH YOU BUT I CAN'T BECAUSE I AM GONE. I WILL ALWAYS DREAM ABOUT YOU AND DRAW PICTURES OF YOU IN MY DAYDREAMING MIND, TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY AND WRITE TO ME." Now I want you to tell them this or at least show them this letter. I would do this for you so you do this for me. I told you that I would get kicked out of my fuck'n house one of these days. Well here is my address and please pass this fuck'n address all around because I want to get as many letters as possible, I miss you and all of my friends.

Daniel H
1812 Frank Ct.
Bakersfield California

Hey I am doin good in Bakersfield and I hope the best for you. Remember me and take my place in the Cool Oakridge high. Please show people this letter and tell them that I am okay. Some people like kevin, you'll have to show because I don't know his address. I love you and miss you , hope for the best in both of us.

Daniel H

P.S. Remember Gangs rule, sex rules, punk rules, and that's all you have to know in life to be a success. Good by and write to me as soon as you get this letter. I want to know if you are not dead and you are alive.

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