"I am an idealistic, naive, passionate, truth-seeking, spiritually motivated artist, unschooled in the science of law and finance." --Wesley Snipes

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


The scumbag who stole my mail, identity, and money is pleading guilty tomorrow to the crime along with 22 similar charges. He's getting 12 years in jail.


Anonymous said...


Wildlife Poetry Magazine said...

don't you think that is kind of a harsh sentence (just for stealing mail)?

Tony said...

Aha! I was waiting for some bleeding heart to comment.

Well, Sand, he didn't only steal mail. He stole my identity, fucked up my credit, and took $4000 from my checking account. He did this to 22 other people as well. And this is not his first time getting caught. As I understand it, the gentleman is something of a career criminal.

So 12 years doesn't really bother me. And you know he'll probably out on parole in under five years.

And then he'll probably do it again.

Reb said...

That's awesome, Tony! Now I see why you're so smiley in your latest pics.

From my perspective, the time seems to fit the crime. Identity theft can be a living hell for some of its victims.

Hoppes said...

"Just for stealing mail"

Ugh. Name a crime (other than rape or murder) that is as big a violation of oneself (ones self?) as identity theft. To me the money is the least of the worries. I would rather have someone steal my car or TV, computer & Stereo than have to go through what Tony has with this piece of filth!

I am very happy to see the loop close on this chapter Tony. And you are right. This idiot will no doubt fill the rest of his years hurting people.

One hopes he will get his "reward" in the hearafter, kharma-wise.

Eduardo C. Corral said...

You had $4, 000 in a checking account??!!

I thought you were a struggling poet.

You must sell crack on the side. Or burritos.

Tony said...


Well--it wasn't *really* my money. It was the result of my monthly pay (about 1000 dollars...can you believe it?) coinciding with a financial aid payment (read: loan that i must pay back). I never have that much money there otherwise.

But he managed to strike when I had the cash.

Tony said...

Well, Chris, I appreciate your support but I do worry about money. I don't have millions of it...

That said, wanna see a movie soon, your treat?

Panch said...

Are you going to the sentencing?

Hoppes said...

Oh, $4,000 is a buttload for me too, believe it. Just the hassle of everything else involved made it seem the least offensive aspect.

Yes, Movie, my treat. Good idea. Plans this weekend? The wife has several projects around the house and she has hinted they would go much better if I was elsewhere...

A. D. said...

my first thought exactly. hehe.

good (kinda?) to hear.

Wildlife Poetry Magazine said...

Sorry about the Theft.
Still, I don't understand being happy about someone going to jail.

It makes me a bit ill.

I still love you tho and you do look cute in your last pics.

Wildlife Poetry Magazine said...


"the time fits the crime"

sounds like a Republican coined that one!


Tony said...

So Sand, what should we do with criminals? Can't put 'em in jail, certainly can't kill them...

Wildlife Poetry Magazine said...

I don't believe in jail.

That's a long story tho. You will have to IM me!

It isn't very compassionate to take pleasure in people whose lives are that fucked up. That is all I am saying.


Tony said...

Sand, I'm taking pleasure in the fact that this particular episode is over.

Since you don't believe in jail, you want we should let the rapists and molesters go too? After all, it can't be very pleasant for them in there.

Wildlife Poetry Magazine said...

I am deeply sorry for what happened to you. I can imagine that the situation that you faced was really bad.

I am simply pointing out the fact that justice was--and is--- not served on a fundemental level---how can, in this system of injustice--a punishment "fit" a crime? It's impossible.

The real situation with jail is that most of the people in it are drug offenders, not rapists and child molesters. The system isn't working.

Bleeding Heart

CLAY BANES said...

i'm working on a solution to the justice system. i'll get right back to you.