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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dear Seth

I don't know what to say. I know that to some, "taking a stand" means attacking other poets or those with whom you have differences.

I should simply refuse to engage with you on these matters. "I'm right." "No, I'm right." "No, you're an asshole." "No, buddy, YOU'RE the asshole," and so on ad nauseum.

You've made your aesthetic preferences very clear. I'm not really too worried about that. I mean, after all, my own poetic practice is pretty conservative as well.

But the sheer combat for the sake of it that goes on in blogworld just disgusts me.

I don't attack Jimmy or "take a stand" against him because he's not saying anything substantive. He's merely attacking you (and anyone else who will allow him to). He's having fun playing his game and some people (me included) find it nauseating. But shit, if it's causing you that much grief, delete his comments. Don't find fault with me for refusing to play.


I disagree with some of the things you and RJ have to say about poetry. Big deal! It's a bit unfair though, to call me out for not attacking Berhle when the conversation was supposed to be about poetry.

You're entitled to think whatever you want about me. But your attack/admonishment here is disingenuous at best. You seem to be upset because I won't jump into the fray and take up arms against those who oppose you.

So yeah, shame on me for getting involved.

I'm out.


Seth Abramson said...

I'm out, too, Tony.

Poets are pussies.

I bet Jim pissing on your co-editor's face in a cartoon didn't get you too riled up, either. At least not so much as led you to pot-shot me for being a "traditionalist." That's moral courage for you, and a real sense of moral perspective, too. Congratulations.

Now I remember why I'm a public defender. It's nice to know there are people out there in the world who actually take a stand for things. Like Jim said, poets are pussies.

Thanks. Cheers.


Ginger Heatter said...
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Ginger Heatter said...

Shit! This is partly, or maybe even largely my fault. I woke up yesterday morning to find that JB'd started a new blog to skewer Seth and it got my Irish up. I don't so much regret anything I said, as I do think Behrle needs the occassional reminder that he can't bully *everyone* he comes in contact with, but I do honestly regret what it has led to. This exchange is just depressing, and to the extent I caused it, I'm sorry.

Tony Tost said...

Please excuse me for butting in where I don't belong, and for piling on, but I couldn't pass this up.

I just would like to announce that "now I remember why I'm a public defender" is going to be my new catchphrase.

Approaching orgasm? "Now I remember why I'm a public defender!"

Waitress brings me the wrong desert? "Now I remember why I'm a public defender!"

Explosive diarrhea? "Now I remember why I'm a public defender!"

I think I'm just giddt that there's a flarf and/or blog war that hasn't included me. Which means I should probably have the good sense to stay out of this. Now I remember why I'm a public defender!