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Thursday, March 23, 2006



It just occurs to me TODAY that in all of Eugene (or Eugene/Springfield--"metro" area population about 250,000) there is ONE hotel. The downtown Hilton, which has been there since 1982. Before that nothing.

Is it unusual for a town of this size to only have one hotel? I think so.


In other news. Pad Thai disaster tonight. I blame it on one of these things: old, bad fish sauce, oversoaked rice noodles, or (and this is my vote) the evil tofu. I try. And I try again. And I hope tofu will make me love it. And then it ruins my pad thai.



Aaron Tieger said...

Tofu can be your friend! What are you doing to it?

I vote for the fish sauce.

shanna said...

extra firm, sliced and pressed for at least 30 min, the marinate for at least 15 min in evoo, a little lemon juice, with minced rosemary and lemon zest. salt & pepper 'em then sear both sides in a hot nonstick till golden and a little crispy at the edges.

i don't remember where i got that recipe, but it is great stacked up with grilled zucchini and peppers and onions or asparagus (do you like grilled asparagus yet?). also good on a sandwich. you can sub other zests and herbs and sometimes i put hot sauce instead of or in addition to the lemon juice.

the key to tofu is always to press the water out. otherwise it doesn't take on much flavor and is pointless.

Charles said...

I love tofu, but cannot seem to make it successfully at home either. It's a nice texture to include in your food.

Shanna's recipe sounds hot, though.

Tony said...


Your recipe sounds good, but I am making pad thai here, not tofu primavera.

I used an already pressed, firm tofu. Maybe I should buy the fresher stuff and press out the water myself? Or maybe I shouldn't bother?


Truly you are insane, my friend. It' s a good thing you're a kickass poet.


The only tofu I've ever liked has been the deep-fried kind you get at thai restaurants, served with a sweet sauce and peanuts. That's pretty good. But even that's not GREAT.

Ali Davis said...

tofu primavera?

I like tofu hot dogs. They taste just like regular hot dogs, which makes me wonder what the hell.

Try deep fried crispy sesame tofu at a Chinese place. Not good for you but good.

M. said...

There are other hotels. They're just hiding from you.