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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Other Fun AWP Moments

* The Spork intern telling Joe Massey that his work might be good enough to publish in two years.

* Meeting Johannes Goransson at the UGP, and talking to him for several minutes before I knew who he was.

* Walking up the Slope table and telling Ethan Paquin that I wanted "that New Sincerity book," by Matt Hart. (Whose idea was the font in this thing anyway? Good book, but the font is dreadfully difficult to read.)

* My Spork t-shirt. I'm going to make a Tony Tost t-shirt next.

* Kissing approx. 7-9 other people in front of my girlfriend.

* "Liberating" wine with JewishyIrishy.

* Hearing Joe, Jess, and Aaron read at the UGP.

* Stepping in dog crap on Red River Ave. (Is it an "ave"? I don't remember.)

* Legos! Lots of Legos!

* The Bar Burger at Austin Hilton.


Question: if one gives up beef for Lent, is one allowed to eat buffalo or is that cheating?

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Ali Davis said...

Oh! Matt Hart is the best. A fellow Ohioan still in Ohio.