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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

John & Jane

Holed up in the office, hungry. Only John Cale and Sinister Coffee to sustain me. It's a toss-up: reread Eysteinsson's book on modernism or revise the Berrigan section in my dissertation, and in doing so, wrap up the chapter. Cale's insistent piano suggests that I should do neither, suggests that I should do something more physically engaging. Mountain climbing perhaps, or photocopying.


Things learned on the beach weekend:

1. Polish sausage is really best in the half-pound size.
2. I like Ali G. (I have thought for years that I'd hate him.)
3. Hot tubs are okay, but they're really not hot enough.
4. "Strangeways Here We Come" is way underrated. (Yeah, Jordan, I'm talkin' to you.)
5. I have a fascination with glossy magazines aimed at the 18-30 woman demographic.
6. I also dig Martha Stewart (but I already knew this).
7. Drinking a lot of domestic canned beer can make one gassy and uncomfortable.
8. You don't really need eggs to make good pancakes.
9. The prose of Moby is just as good as his music.
10. The 30 oz bag of Doritos is just way too big. It's ridiculous.


Totally gorgeous outside today. Totally. I rode my bike into work. Managed not to reinjure my back.


And now, the blog-question of the day. Reply to antrobin@gmail.com.

What is the greatest song of the rock era and why? For the purposes of this quiz, rock era begins in 1953 and ends in 1991 (The Year Nirvana Killed Rock and Roll).

I'll post a list of the most popular responses (and comments if they're witty or smart) on this blog next week.


Logan Ryan Smith said...

How can "Strangeways Here We Come" be underrated when everyone knows that's their best album?

Tony said...

well, because "The Queen is Dead" is their best album.

JuliaSeaShellEyes said...

Your subscription to Jane is official!

Jess said...

Those are both a dead heat for second. Strangeways is vastly underrated. The best is The Smiths. Miserable Lie!!

Aaron Tieger said...

I've played out The Queen is Dead. Meat is Murder is my favorite these days.

Jordan said...

Hmm. "Girlfriend in a Coma," "A Rush and a Push," "Death of a Disco Dancer," "I Won't Share You"...

But aren't they a little like The Pixies? I mean, "How Soon Is Now," "Gigantic," do you really need anything more than those? And "Gigantic" is just Kim's warm-up for The Breeders, anyway.

The new Morrissey is awesome, even if you can play a game of Concentration matching up songs whose melodies echo each other.

Tony said...


You are banished from my island for offense against Pixies and Smiths.

Pack your bags.