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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Rock Results

The winner is (I swear this was not rigged) Andrew Mister, of Brooklyn, NY. He correctly and confidently stated that the best song of the rock era is Sister Ray. That was my pick, along with a tune from the other end of the VU spectrum, Sweet Jane.

K. Silem M. picked White Light/White Heat as well as Roadrunner by Modern Lovers/Jonathan Richman. I had to point out, however, that Richman, good as he is, just wants to be Lou Reed.

Clash was next in votes. A lot of Clash songs. Going on the CD: "I'm So Bored with the USA" (thank you Guillermo Parra), and "Straight to Hell" (suggested by Aaron Tieger).

Nobody picked Slayer, which I think is a bit criminal. "Raining Blood" surely deserves a place at the top.


Steven D. Schroeder said...

Isn't it "Reign in Blood"?

Tony said...

Now we all know who doesn't have a complete Slayer collection, Steven!

_Reign in Blood_ is the name of the album, but "Raining Blood" is the song from that album to which I refer above. It's track 10.

sandra said...

this is BS.

Jables said...

Slayer *cough* rocks.

Tony said...

VH1 just named "Raining Blood" number 8 on their "40 Greatest Metal Songs."

Just so y'all know.

Ash said...

\m/ Slayer \m/

Michael said...


Sorry I didn't get a chance to participate, but my days in the blogosphere have been few these past many months.

However, you know where my vote would've gone. And I would've been right, despite your objections:

Led Zeppelin. "Black Dog."

Done. Next song. Next song.