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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stalki...er, Ghosting

My main man Massey reports an interesting bit about a cute neighbor over on his Live Journal today.

This got me thinking. I've had a couple of "ghosts" as well. One was a nude internet model who began hanging out near my house. I'd see her on the sidewalk from time to time, pretending to read a book or talk on a phone. After a few of these sightings she began knocking on my door. Of course, I never let her in. I"m paranoid that way. Now, see, I wouldn't have minded if she were a friend or an acquaintance who had been to my house before. She had never been there, and I have no idea how she knew where I lived.

Ghost number 2 came upstairs and introduced herself to me the night before I moved out of my old apartment. She brought beer, a friend, and lively chatter. After some time had passed she confessed that she was intimately acquainted with my comings and goings--she knew what hours I was in and out, etc. She also knew when I was, um, engaged in certain intimate contact with certain female companions. This last bit made her blush and freaked me out. Since that initial meeting I've run into her at the bar and on the street. We always make smalltalk.

One time a nice girl came to my house and left my favorite evil coffee drink on my front stoop, along with a note about birds of prey. This wasn't stalking. It was sweet.

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