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Friday, October 27, 2006

Break of Day

There's no fighting it! Must. Be. Friends. With. Ex.

Well, just one of them. Or two, if you count MS/Osita.


So I was thinking. I should start a regular feature here at Geneva Convention that involves me "close reading" or nay, discussing song lyrics. Aaron Tieger and I had a good cross-blog talk about Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush" a few years ago. Please send me song suggestions. If I don't know the song, send me the song (and the lyrics).


Will Oldham's "Break of Day" was running through my head this morning. It's a song about severe denial. Man loses lover, lover still comes by for occasional booty call. It means nothing to lover but means a whole lot to Man. (This last sentence, incidentally, is modeled after Arrested Development's hit single "Mr. Wendall".) Man pretends to be a player ("Dawn is mine and I will share it with whatever bird will wear it"). Man claims to be the instigator in the breakup. Man is horribly sad. Man acts tough. Man thinks he is over her. Man is clearly not. Man finally admits this ("I hate myself when I'm alone / it's just with you I feel okay.") Man then tries to make lover feel bad.


That happened to me. This is why that ugly bald balladeer is my hero. Teaching me to be honest, he is.

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Tony Tost said...

Since you mentioned them, I'd like to see your take on Magnetic Fields' "Papa Was a Rodeo" or Damien Jurado's "Like Titantic".

Or something off the new Bonnie Prince Billy.