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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dogs at Work

So what's up with people who bring their dogs to work? Not that there's anything wrong with it, but I never see people bring cats to work. Are cats allowed? I'm bringing my cat.


Hey, Office Girl, I'm bringing coffee tomorrow.


Lyco said...

I've been applying to jobs recently. One of them was counsel for PETA, and one of their perks was that I could bring my dog to work. I actually took it very seriously. I think it would be nice to have yer animal with you all day. but I'm with you, cats should be there too. Depending on the cat... and depending on the dog, I guess.

Also, one of my supervising attorneys this summer took his cat everywhere just like peeps do with pups. The cat's name was Miles, and it stayed right by his side. I thought that was pretty cool.

Julie said...

I wish that I had a companion cat who went everywhere with me. I wouldn't even care if people called me the freaky cat lady!

At a reststop in Idaho I saw a woman who had a shawl wrapped around her with 3 cats peeking out. They didn't look very pleased.

Let's start the Eugene trend of taking cats to work. Does taking one to class count?

julie said...

I once tried to teach my cat to walk on a leash, but he would lie on his back and bite the leash. I think he was just mad that the leash was pink.

anything but poetry said...

I'd much rather have a cat at work than someone's kids. They're much quieter and much cleaner :-)