"I am an idealistic, naive, passionate, truth-seeking, spiritually motivated artist, unschooled in the science of law and finance." --Wesley Snipes

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Bits

1. Met the folks at the Office of Multicultural Academic Support today. They fed us breakfast.

2. Guess who said this about whom: "He's a passive-aggressive jack-off shitty poet." (Backchannel please.)

3. Poets, readers, people. It really does make good sense to cultivate a healthy relationship with your editors and vice versa. Here in blogland we can sling mud all we want but don't bite the hand (metaphorically) that (really metaphorically) feeds you. Similarly, if you're going be a baby, don't do it in public. Wait, don't assume that someone owes you something. (Unless they borrowed money for beer last week and now you need that beer money buy beer with.)

4. Hence, when you say "ass-kissing douche with a fake tv show" it's bad form. (Even if it's funny.)

5. Incidentally none of the persons implicated in this post are the same persons. Each number is new!

6. It occurs to me that some of my behavior, as exhibited in this post, may be read by some as passive-aggressive. Nah, I'm just trying not to get my ass kicked.

7. Ron didn't drink his hyperbole juice today.

8. Speaking of kicking ass, Rust Buckle does. What a concept! Honest poetry reviews! Dustin Williamson and Andy Mister are the post-avant William Logans. But drunker.

9. It's one thing to call someone something funny and mean (See Behrle). It's another thing to fill your blog with lengthy passive-aggressive rants about stuff that nobody cares about. The former is in the spirit of (even if it's a mean spirit) mirth and all that. The latter is, well, in bad taste. (Is calling someone a "lisping weasel bitch" in bad taste? You make the call!)

10. After that last one, #5 no longer applies.

11. My coffee is cold but I drink it still. I also drink it in motion.

12. Job continues to rule. I don't even mind being poor so much anymore.

13. Damien Jurado, Magnetic Fields---thanks Betsy!


Lyco said...

I called the beer fairy. Still disconnected.

andy mr. said...

I think Joe said #2 about me!

Jordan said...

Welcome back, Tony.

Laurel said...

You're my favorite!

jes said...

Is calling someone a "lisping weasel bitch" in bad taste?

Not if you, yourself, do so with a lisp.

Actually, maybe that's worse. Yeah, I change my plea to guilty.