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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The City of Misguided Burritos


Poets, cute girls, wealthy fabulous people!!!

It's not to late to hang out with me in San Francisco. Apply now! Seats are filling up fast! Don't know me? Doesn't matter! I'm mostly harmless.

On the agenda: drinking, A. Mr. Eating Tour of SF, tranny hookers, Bob Kaufman street, drinking, Coit Tower, general lunacy, serious contemplation of all things poetic, trying to find a decent burrito (I know, not possible), walking up steep hills.

All this can be yours. And you can share it with me. And we can be like bosom pals.

Remember, it was a call like this on this very blog a few years ago that enabled the powerful union of Mr./Robinson. Don't miss out. Be the next Andy Mister!

Phonelines are now open.

If you apply in person, I'll throw in a set of matching luggage. (Or close to in person: call me--541-346-2172)


Update: if we're lucky, Mr. Massey will be joining us for a portion of our trip.


andy mr. said...

Oh yeah, the burritos are so much better in Eugene-freakin'-Oregon! Tony, you wouldn't know a good burrito is it slaped you in the face.

Tony said...

I didn't say they were better in Eugene. In fact, the Eugene burrito is simply a low-rent SF burrito.

If I wanted a salad in my burrito, I'd order a freakin' salad.

San Diego! (Ask Meetze...)

andy mr. said...

The Eugene burrito is like a burrio from 7-11.

And you and Meetze would have the same taste in burritos--slathered in KY!

Hot Whiskey Press said...


If you're in the TL/Nob Hill area, Chunkey's at O'Farrel and Hyde makes a pretty competitive burrito. I say competitive, cause really, you won't find the meanest burritos there.

There's some pretty good ones in the Mission too, but I couldn't tell you the name of any of the places...

Blue Hole said...

I would like to hang out with Andrew Mr.

andy mr. said...

Best places to get a burrito in SF (in no particular order):

Taqueria Cancun
Taqueria Pancho Via or El Toro
La Taqueria

Tony said...

I thought you were into El Farrolito?

julie said...

Maybe you should just stop being a burrito elitist and go to Baja Fresh. The Baja Burrito is delicious and not salady at all.

It doesn't have to be authentic to be good, you know.

Dustin said...

I think my girlfriend might have something to say about merits of SF burritos (where she lived for 8 years) over SD burritos (where she grew up), but I can't speak for her since she does all her own talking.