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Monday, November 27, 2006

New Poesy Forthcoming

During a recent editorial meeting with the Rust Buckle folks, your trusty correspondent happened upon an idea for his next award-winning, groundbreaking book.

Called _My Sex Life_, it will contain 34 sections, each containing 34 sentences.

My lawyers assure me that such a project has never been attempted.

Here's where I call for your help, Gentle Reader!

If you've had sex with me, plan on having sex with me, or want to have sex with me, please contact me and remind me. I need material.

This book is going to win the Whitman.


Hot Whiskey Press said...

Funny, Jennifer and I were just on our way back from New Mexico and somehow ended up discussing books we think would be a big hit down the road. I decided that there should be a book written called either *The Not So Secret Sex Life of Anne Waldman* or maybe *The Sorta Secret Sex Life of Anne Waldman.*

Perhaps the project could start with a questionaire sent out to all poets that can be reached:
Have you had sex with Anne W?
Were you married to her?
Have you considered having sex with Anne W?
Has she maybe considered it with you?
Would you like to have sex with Anne W?

Diana Marie Delgado said...


I'm kind of PG. Can you throw in a section for people who'd might/like/plan/thought/or considered kissing you?

Diana Marie Delgado said...

Either way, I'd like to be included.

Tony said...

Sure, Diana. I can add a kissing section.

But that means you have to kiss me.

Word on the street has it that a lot of kissing gets done at AWP. Just ask Eduardo.

Charles said...

When you kissed me, I thought it meant you wanted to marry me.

Sex is a promise you make with your body.