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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


"Oh God, how can you teach a class on rock and not like VU? That's like teaching a course on the new testament and not liking Jesus."

--A. Mister


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Seth Abramson said...

I always thought "Candy Says," "Beginning to See the Light," and "What Goes On" were three of the best songs of the decade (60s)

Tony said...

"Beginning to see the light" is definitely up there for me, but I have a couple others.

I know it's probably heresy, but "Sweet Jane" remains one of my top, oh 3 songs of the rock era.

And "Sunday Morning" is up there too.

andy mr. said...

I'm all for "Sister Ray" "Waiting for the Man" and "Pale Blue Eyes" (but there are so many other great VU songs, how can you even choose the three best?)

Michael said...

"Here She Comes Now."