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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wanted: Travel Companion

Well, December approaches. This means San Francisco.


SF looks like this:


C. Dale Young and Jacob live here. This is reason alone to go. But wait! There's more!


Kpants (usual travel buddy) is going to flake on me-I think. So this means I need someone to go with me. I am totally serious.

Why go to San Francisco? Andy Mister used to live there. Once, in SF, Mr. Mr. stole Noah Eli Gordon's hoodie. You know what? I think NEG needs to publish a few more books. He is really under-represented in the world of contemporary poetry. Sorry about the digression. Um...the Tenderloin district has great tranny hookers and crack fiends. Golden Gate Park is cool. There's good shopping and eating! You get to walk up hills! You get to get drunk with ME.


So here's the deal. I can't pay for your ticket, but I will cover lodging. Alternately, if you already live in the area, you just have to agree to hang out with me for a couple of days. I'll buy your drinks and tacos. It can be a fun adventure. If you're a girl, I'll tell everyone you're my sister. Or my cousin. We will eat sushi. We will hang out at the Farmer's Market. We will wonder why the fuck the enormous Old Navy on Market St. is so damn enormous.


Here's the deal. We can write poems about being in SF. We can eat afghan food at Helmand.


Here's the deal. We can ride around on the BART for no apparent reason.


Here's the deal. Dec 8 or 9 through 11 or 12. Does this sound doable? If so, email me. We can talk.


noah said...

Well, I'm happy to send you one of my five or six new manuscripts if you'd like to publish it. In fact, maybe you can just start NEG books! ;)

Tony said...

yes. send them all to me. i will put my name on them.


I'm just bitter and thinking "damn that john ashbery! i had a one in ten chance of publishing my first brilliant book. but NO....NEG kicks my ass once again!!!

andy mr. said...

It was actually in Oakland that I stole NEG's sweatshirt and it was not one of my better moments. Now I just steal music via the interweb.

C. Dale said...

Let us know when you will be here. You know we are always up for dinner!

Anonymous said...

c dale sounds like he is ready for some serious fun!!!

C. Dale said...

Well, serious dinner, at least.