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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Attention Tost and Others

Best Albums of the 2000s!

I'll start by saying BPB's Ease Down the Road.

Oh, and 50 Ft. Wave's Golden Ocean


Tony Tost said...

I was gonna lead off with Cat Power, Moon Pix, but I just realized that it came out in like 98/99, and should jump to like number 3 for the 90s.

2000s are tougher for me, as I haven't really paid huge attention, and plus I'm getting older, so I just listen to old favorites.

If re-issues count, I'd put Judee Sill's Heart Food number one. But since they don't, for me I'm thinking either Cat Power's You Are Free or Richard Buckner's The Hill or Spoon's Kill the Moonlight. Or the Gray Album. Or Milk Eyed Mender. And I have a soft spot for Sufjan.

I'll go with Buckner's The Hill.

Hot Whiskey Press said...

I must admit, I prefer Master and Everyone, I See a Darkness and Get On Jolly all more than Ease Down the Road...call me a liker of depressing music I guess...

Tony said...

Well, I know Ease is an unpopular choice. I think I'm the only person who likes it. I guess I like that it's more varied than his other albums.

andy mr. said...

I forgot about Moon Pix--and The Covers Record for the 90's.

AS for the 00's. My favorite albums so far have been:

Brian Wilson, Smile
William Basinski, Disentigration Loops and Melancholia
The Necks, Aether
Fennesz, Endless Summer
The Microphones, The Glow Pt.2
The National, Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers
Animal Collective, Sung Tongs
Deerhoof, Reveille
Edith Frost, Wonder Wonder
Gillian Welch, Time (the Revelator)
Wilco, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

(there are probably more...)

andy mr. said...

Oh, and how could I forget: Weakling, Dead as Dreams. Fuck yeah!

Anonymous said...

well, since I forgot about them:

Call the Doctor by Sleater-Kinney, 1996...basically a perfect record

The Woods by Sleater-Kinney, 2005...lament I never got to see them live

as for the Breeders, Title TK (2002)

...there is a track "Off You" that is my favorite of all eternity; basically ruined mine and everyone's poems as I wanted them to make me feel the way that song did/does...to no avail

" But I've never seen a scarlet
Or a riot or the violence of you"

- andy

have not yet picked up J-Dilla's Donuts, but the reviews make it sound list worthy

Anonymous said...


Hot Whiskey Press said...

Didn't mean to sound like I didn't like it. I like Ease Down the Road, just not my top I guess...I really like that one song that goes something like "and she likes to go down on me, and I like to go down on her too"....a good one to have on when the ladies are over....