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Friday, January 26, 2007


Andy talks about production value over at Houseboat Days. I know his post is not a response to my characterization of Slanted and Enchanted as lo-fi, but I thought I'd mention that some of my favorite records have shitty production values. Notably, Walk Among Us (which Andy mentions), and Beat Happening's Jamboree. I used to rewind "Indian Summer" over and over. That's the one record (and the only one) that reminds me simultaneously of a US Navy aircraft carrier and the city of Seattle.


andy mr. said...

When did you call S&E lo-fi? Which it is--and you know what, it's also the best album of the 90's.

Tony said...

I called it lo-fi on the other blog a while back.

Best album of the 90s? Hoo boy!

Maybe I'll take a survey.