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Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Update

Despite not getting moving until noon today, I've been pretty productive. Cleaned the bathroom, did the dishes left over from last night's Thai feast (papaya salad, crab cakes, spicy beef and green bean stir-fry, son-in-law eggs, and nam prik (ground pork and tomato "sauce" served with vegetables and grilled sausage)), went to Safeway and bought a new toothbrush, cleaned out refrigerator.

Now, thanks in part to Andy Mister, I'm checking out new music. Currently playing: Rodrigo Y Gabriela (you have to love a Mexican guitar duo who covers Metallica).

And though things are good, I miss people. I miss Betsy, Andy, Julia, Janice, Sara M. (who has slipped away--we mutually neglected each other for no good reason I can tell). And I even miss M., who I'm sure will never speak to me again. I keep having dreams in which I have chance run-ins with people who used to be friends and/or lovers and from whom I've been estranged. These dreams always involve some sort of mid-level diplomacy, and occasionally, we mend the friendship, but they usually end in uncertainty.

In other dream news, I recently had a horribly disturbing dream that in its details rivals the lyrics of the Misfits' "Skulls." Backchannel if you'd like the gruesome bits.

I keep wanting to talk about poetry on here, or food in more detail, but for some reason, it's not happening. Most of my poetry rambling takes place on the other blog, and really most of it just poking (playful) fun at Tony Tost. The good news is that I am writing--five 9-line drafts in the past week. At this rate, vol. 2 of Brief Weather, aka Aviary Evacuation Plan aka 81 Poems Project aka Cold Front aka Damn, Son, That Roast Beef Sandwich Hit The Spot! will be drafted by March!

I've been reading the poems of my friends for inspiration. Betsy's nameless long poem, Andy's National Dust and Song Cycle. Speaking of, National Dust (or a bit of it) arrived in beautiful broadside form the other day, courtesy of Gina Meyers at Lame House. And I was recently delighted to find my long-missing copy of Joe's Bramble. It was lurking underneath a Chris Rizzo book, which explains why it took me so long to find it.

Other current reading: Clark Coolidge, Ezra Pound, Jane Magazine, assorted new cookbooks, Gourmet, David Mitchell's black swan green. Thanks Janice!

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