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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Tuesday

Anyone who has dated me for a certain length of time possesses (or should possess) a significant wealth of Greg Schapp knowledge. My childhood chum is a deep well of personal mythology. Without Greg Schapp, there would be no Anthony Robinson--at least not the me I am, which is also not so much the me of my blog, or so I'm told. In person, I'm nicer and less cranky.


Today was the kind of work day I value. I had positive student interactions, and managed to bond a litle with my colleagues. This morning, Sophie summoned me into her office to try to sell me candy and our brief snippet of conversation about The Decemeberists (Doug is making an office "love" cd for the upcoming heart day) turned into an impassioned fifteen minute mutual effusion of love for Kate Bush. I then immediately emailed her the Youtube link to "Cloudbusting."


I also had an hour chat with Tim about the dissertation, to do it or not to do it, old loves, mental health, and the phenomenon of not acting one's age. Tim, as his wild white hair and goofy smile seem to indicate, is very much a child at heart, and a warm, compassionate soul. We sat in the back patio of Espresso Roma, basking in the cold sun, drinking orange juice and, in my case, spilling guts. It's nice to have soul-searching conversations with those who you don't know well--there's something freer about it. No obligations. No judgment. Or at least I think.


I had a small breakthrough with a student today that was gratifying. And oh yeah! Carrie was nice to me!


On the other hand, my health plan is pissing me off. I made an appointment with an eye doctor last week, and was quite proud to say "bill it to my insurance" to the receptionist who took my call. She calls back a few days later and tells me that vision is not covered on my plan.

So today I walk into the front office and the following conversation ensues.

Tony: Carrie, is vision covered under our health plan?
Carrie: Uh, yeah. It's Blue Cross Blue Shield.
T: But the eye doctor lady says I'm not covered. I gave her the number on my insurance card.
C: That number won't work for vision coverage. You need a KSY number. [something like that]
T: What's a KSY number?
C: Either that or you need to tell her that your vision benefits are covered by VPN.
T: What the fuck is VPN?
C: Go to the website.
T: What's the website?
C: [Rolls eyes.] Google VPN.

So I googled VPN. Did I find what I was looking for? Of course not.


Julie said...

Have you been here yet?


julie said...

Try VSP. That's probably what she meant.

jeannine said...

A VPN can mean a Virtual Private Network - but that's an IT term, not an insurance term. You should have rolled your eyes right back!

3LeggedCat said...

That is the exact reason that I hate hippies.

PS, I just googled hippies.

alex smith said...

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