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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Perversions and Stuff

Andy Mister continues to music-blog up a storm over at Houseboat Days. Sasha Frere-Jones can suck a dick. Mister is where it's at.

Anyway, I know Andy's black metal knowledge is great, but I don't think he can best me in the area of 80s metal. My area of specialty is thrash/speed metal, but I've got some versatility.

In any case, this post is to say that I share Mister's perversion that compels one to listen to female singers singing in accented English. Os Mutantes' "Baby" is one of my favorite songs ever. Good on ya, Andy.


Update: oh yeah, that metal boast above is a challenge. [Gauntlet thrown down.]


Aaron Tieger said...

Without the use of reference tools, which members of Anthrax are related, and how?

Tony said...

Frankie Bello is Charlie Benante's nephew. No other members of the band are related.

Bello replaced Dan Lilker on Bass after Lilker departed to form Nuclear Assault.

andy mr. said...

Oh shit! Tieger got caught in a mosh. Hell yeah! I once said what's up to Scott Ian in a bar in New Orleans.