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Friday, January 12, 2007

Today is a Good Day

I don't even think I'll have to use my AK.

Why, you ask. Why is today a good day? Here's the short list.

1) I woke up late this morning, tumbled out of bed, stumbled to the kitchen [insert rest of Dolly Parton lyric here, or if you're too young to remember, Aes Rock]showered, and made it out the door just in time to not be late for work. Once outside, I realized it was only about 19 degrees, but for some reason I was warm (thanks for the gloves, Mom!) and rather content.

2) On the way to work I was thinking of a good friend of mine who genuinely lifts my spirits on a regular basis. This made me happy. And I was humming John Wesley Harding.

3) Once at work, I saw my ex (long-time readers of this blog will remember her as the short one who is now married) and instead of trying to run and hide or feeling icky, I actually felt a measure of goodwill toward her.

4) The woman in front of me at the coffee shop bought my coffee for no reason other than kindness. Then she told me she just got off work on the graveyard shift and she was drinking coffee so she didn't miss Friday.

5) Carrie in the front office was nice to me this morning.

6) My calendar is completely empty today. Normally this would annoy me, but today, not so much.

7) New poems are brewing. An editor with whom I've had a long and contentious relationship emailed me the other day and asked for poems. This is momentous because as far as I know, this guy never solicits work--he gets enough of it already. But, he read my work over at Pilot and liked it and decided to request some for his magazine. Thanks to Betsy and Dean!

8) I will see Andy and Gina and my Amorous Comrade in one short month.


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did you pour yourself a cup of ambition?