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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

As I Get Older This Stuff Happens

Apart from a pair in Sand's Wildlife, I didn't publish any poems in journals last year. 2006 was a nearly barren year for me.


Of course I did publish a little book. And four poems from that book went up at the Pilot site


Part of it is that with age I am less anxious to publish at all. I used to send things out constantly. Apart from the mess of 9-liners, I wrote probably 10-12 solid poems last year. I've submitted none of them for publication. They exist primarily on my hard drive, and sometimes in the air at readings.


My ability to tolerate more than one cup of coffee disappeared a long time ago. Poor tummy.


I went to the eye doctor yesterday. The doctor of optometry. The O.D. He is a slight man with freakishly huge cheekbones who walks with a deliberate limp. He lectured me on the danger of blood vessels growing over the cornea. Oh yeah, so guess what? I need reading glasses. Sigh. Bifocals are not far off.

I'm 34!!! That's still relatively young right?


Anonymous said...

No. 35 is old.


Diana Marie Delgado said...

34 is the new 24.

gina said...

I guess the tiny doesn't count....

Tony said...

oh ginabird! i'm sorry! for some reason, i was thinking that the tiny publication was in 2005!

many apologies.