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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Sincerists: Fascist Bastards!

All of these dangers are, I think, inherent even in the term itself, and its employment in contemporary poetic discussion is thus fraught with explicit risks.


Reb said...

You will feel my soul, motherfucker.

Reb said...

Ignore me. My inability to articulate is how I almost "broke up the band" in the early days.

Tony Tost said...

Well, I mean, you all don't *own* the term sincerity. (Or maybe you guys do? That'd be weird.)

Could you tell how much I was trying to not implicate 'new sincerists' in my post by my continual cartwheels to make sure I make explicit it's a general, even straw-man version of sincerity I was talking bout, in response to Ken's question?

la la la

Tony said...

Hey Tony!

No, we don't "own" the term, and I'd prefer that we didn't.

But, just so you know, I was joking around with this. I think that your post (though, as usual, over my head) and the comment by the fellow who's doing a PhD on sincerity were really really good. He basically articulated the reason why I sort of balked at the intial reaction to the sketchy ideas of me and my po-pals. NS wasn't ever supposed to be anything--it was just a term I seized on to describe a direction in poetry that Andy and I were beginning to recognize and, I guess, champion.

The NS, or at least MY NS, is descriptive, not prescriptive.


Tony Tost said...

Cool, I just wanted to make sure it didn't come across as something aimed at you guys. My owning bit was trying to be a weird joke as well . . .

Obviously, you guys picked the perfect term for fireballing a big majority of the important questions end up leading to. I'm pooped, and maybe not making sense . . .

It looks like I may be able to make it down to Atlanta -- hopefully, we can talk and/or armwrestle over beers.