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Monday, March 19, 2007

Bits (apologies to Eduardo)

Early spring weather in Oregon has arrived. The unidentified tree out my front room window has undergone a transformation over the past four days. On March 15th, it was bare. On the 16th, green buds had appeared on the branches. The next day, they were half open, revealing white blossoms. By Sunday they were completely open. That tree is now very white. And then there's the sun. And the rain.

Speaking of weather, my little book is now on sale at the UO Bookstore. If you're taking Witte's Eng 106, you'll need one!

I'm getting old. In addition to my left-ankle arthritis, I have acquired Gets A Lot Of Sleep. It's a rare night I'm up past 10:30 these days.

I was re-reading the little book a couple weeks ago and was a little surprised and delighted to discover that it (particularly the notes) is full of factual errors. Unintended errors. Things that simply aren't true. And I also noticed the absence of a dedication. It should have been dedicated thusly: for LH. Not Pilot's fault, mind you. My fault.

For dinner tonight: pomelo salad and laab muu. Jasmine rice alongside. I picked up some freakishly large tomatillos at the grocery today. These will probably end up roasted and pureed along with some chiles and garlic. Instant salsa verde to accompany what will probably be some chicken tacos tomorrow night. I think I've got some black beans around here somewhere.

I've been rather absent from the "poetry world" (or at least it seems so) the past year. I'm not really sure why. I have a few tentative guesses, but nothing really makes sense. While cleaning out my office yesterday, I stumbled upon Berrigan and Ceravolo. I dusted them off and placed them by my bed. I think it's time.

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