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Thursday, March 15, 2007



M. said...

Listen, I'm not sure *I* have anything to contribute to the "making Eugene cooler" plan - unrepentant complainer that I am - and yet I seem to have been part of coming up with it. I also forgot to email all the people I already know and like about it, because I'm apparently also a dickweed. It's just an idea. It might work. It might not. You don't even have to like "the people." You just have to come out and have a drink every so often. If you want to, I mean.

Larissa said...

I feel honored to be mentioned in a Geneva Convention post, even if it is in a semi-critical tone. As one of the "girls," I can attest that sometimes we don't invite you because 1. we plan on talking very explicitly about sex, our partners, our sexual histories, etc., which usually gets us dirty looks from waiters/co-diners but which I don't think we plan to share with any man; 2. I, at least, don't want to imply that you're "just one of the girls;" and 3. we don't even get together, the five of us, very often. HT and AA spend a lot more time drinking together than the rest of us, I'm pretty sure, and I'm not invited to those either. And there are times when we do invite you (Oscars) when you don't show; and how often do you invite any of us out? (Your last-minute myspace invitations don't count.)

Tony said...

Dear L,

I seriously apologize for any misunderstanding that may have resulted from this post. I value you and everyone else's friendship, and I did not mean for this post to be critical. At least not of you.

I am, I think, thinking out loud and trying to figure out why I end in and/or out of odd social circles.

I like going out and drinking with y'all, and yes, I do more of it with HT and AA than the others, and that's cool too.

I guess what I was trying to express here is that I never really have "fit in" to a larger social circle not directly connected to a) school, b) work, or c) family. And in the past when I've tried, I inevitably fuck something up.

You know when I was a little kid, my younger brother used to always hang out with me and my friends. The four year age difference is a BIG difference when you are an adolescent. So I was often slightly (but only slightly--I love my bro) dismayed when my friends, my friends who were my age, seemed to prefer hanging out with my kid brother to me.

As an adult, I sometimes don't feel that much has changed. It's just not necessarily my brother who's stealing others' attention away. Of course, this realization makes me intensely hypercritical which results in my resolving not to be an asshole which results in me staying home and avoiding people so as not to do or say something that makes someone dislike me.

This is all very complicated. But guess what? I like you!

Julie said...

I can't help but feel that my friendship is insignificant to you.
It doesn't seem that way when I see you in person, but...

Larissa said...

Hey T, I get it now: you were self-reflecting, not criticizing. I see! And I hope you do join us for some serious partying tomorrow. F-yeah, b***h! It's gonna be high times in Eugene OR.