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Friday, April 06, 2007

Blame Kasey

Hello all! I have semi-successfully mohammadized a Philip Sidney poem.

The source text here is Astrophil & Stella XXXI. ("With how sad steps, O Moone, though climb'st the skies!")

The title is composed of the leftover letters. I concede, it's a pretty weak title!


These odorless entities who see teeth, sheer eels, shitty heinies, held the deer deals. (heeheeheeheeeeee.)

The Worcestershire evacuates tomato
Wanton southwest bookish panty lovers
Cantankerously can refute Fag Otto
Whose boyhood booty is attentive, shuttered.

The hag’s hostility bewitched a babe--
Thou judge of love, substrate, ired pariah!
The unevaluated Whilhelmina
Conversantly gets felt up by an ape.

In confidential commonwealths we wash
The super lemon peels. Electroshock
May alter outwardly a super coq
Au vin. Hot, sensual, and also posh.

Flows stealthily from Lethe this awful verse;
I deem it unfit e’en though it’s terse.


Anonymous said...

My influence is all over it. That makes me proud.


Ivy said...

This is a great line/enjambement: "May alter outwardly a super coq". Hee! :-) I like the last two lines, too.