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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Today I placed my second order for meat-by-mail. Over the summer, on the sage advice of Ed Levine, I purchased 4 lbs of Benton's Bacon. It was good bacon. Really good bacon, giving Nueske's a run for its money. Benton's is a little smokier, a little saltier, a little more bacony than, well, than any bacon I've ever eaten. I use it sparingly: after 3 months, I still have a pound in my my fridge.

Over the weekend, I biked probably 30 miles or so total, and for me this is a huge deal. I decided to reward myself with fatty treats and ended up buying some nice Irish cheddar, some apples (okay, not fatty but delicious), and a very expensive hunk of salami from Salumi, Mario's dad's famous cured meats emporium. Dude. This stuff is fucking incredible. So damn rich--I've been eating it every night since Sunday, and I've barely managed to eat 1/8 of a pound. I just ordered two whole salamis (approx. 2-3 lbs). They ship in early November. I'm stoked. My vegetarian significant other has no idea what she's missing.

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Kevin said...

i haven't been around these parts in a while, but i was happy to come back on this rainy friday evening (when I should be grading one of the many stacks of essays sitting nearby) to find this post about two of my favorite things: bacon and bikes.

i'm imagining some of my favorite eugene fall rides followed by a cup of full city and a BLT. mmm...

you'll be happy to know that i've given up my baconatarian ways for a much more omnivorous diet. i'm going to look into this Benton's place. thanks for the tip.