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Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Feature: is it Fake NEG or Real NEG?

Today's specimen:

"A VAPOR'S LAST plummeting, sounded as if on a lyre or in the breadbox of a baby egret, drifts riverward, eating the possible light from passing cars. Most women don't have the time to shovel the Federal Express--Word!--driver out from the easy chair s/he slept in last night after listless sex and yearing: the burnt coffee was the first sign. My soul backwards unclothed, devoid of health insurance, fast money on the freeway: cars and dogs chase each other through the Foucaultian sunset. She said: "I wear a beanie to undermine your ideas of femininity," but he could only look through her limpid glass of water, held just shoulder-high, peering at the cancerous junco perched, imperiled, on the blighted limb outside."


"COMES A night-light's landing beacon leads me to pick villainy from a bouquet of the places I'd left to yesterday's map of the future, rubbernecking unintentionally oblique articulation. Loosen a rivet from the lapsed mind and out pours the obvious like thick rain. A sterile neighborhood, a standing ovation, centuries of labor congealing into the desk lamp that lets me mold my own two cents from this paper-clip panopticon. I'm not pushing anything here. Power's got a fulcrum that's half self-portrait, part handicraft. The lever will pivot regardless of where it's placed down. It's the primacy of motion drafts sound."


COME all over a night light's bacon, bleeding a stuck pickaninny from a crème brûlée of the faces I'd deftly waylaid like Sugar Smacks of the past, gerryrigging accidentally stilted flatulence. Goose my privet from the collapsed scrotal rind, and out soars the oblivious moan-dense stain. A poisonous prolificacy, a snoring audience, centuries later will turn to congealed cowpies of pulp that let the minted mold worthless priapic pretensions. I'm not humping anyone here. Retardation's got a full scum nozzle that's half Hot Pocket, part day old sandwich. The lizard will spigot regardless of where it's slayed. It's the criminality of lotion that sprays motion."

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Anonymous said...

Shoot, I can't figure which is which! Hey, was just looking at an old issue of Chase Park & saw that we were both in there togther...oh the mems...

The real NEG