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Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy 2008!

Less than five years to the Mayan Death Date. Live it up. Do some yoga. Eat some yogurt. Watch a Yogi Bear cartoon.


Here's a poem I wrote because I was thinking about Aaron Belz and thinking there should be more heterosexual male-to-male love poems.


New Hampshire Primary Sonnet

Reading through the book of Genesis
Every other page only every next
To one of Joe Cornell’s little boxes, some
One with a bird and some twine
I am struck not by a rock but by a sort of awe
Usually reserved for real authentic super
Natural experiences. The love poem enters
A wrong age, takes a left, ends up in a tall
Tree, devoid of substance. I like that. Airy
Airy poem, aerie box of crabs. Swinging
From perilous limb by perilous claw.
Isaac was not the perfect sacrificial crab,
But this crab is, the one reaching out from
The box. This is line 14 I think I’m done.

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