"I am an idealistic, naive, passionate, truth-seeking, spiritually motivated artist, unschooled in the science of law and finance." --Wesley Snipes

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday hiccup.

I suddenly have an urge to write a novel. But what about? Nothing interesting ever happens. Life, friends, is boring. I have no inner resources.


Still looking for a name for the new chap. Or the whole ms., really. I plan to have the 81 poem sequence completed this spring. Then it goes out into the world. Or it tries to make its way in the world but will probably return home with a bruised crown.


I used to write about longing but now I long to write about using.


Nobody ever buys me drinks in airport bars.


One reason I never go out anymore is that it's too expensive. When Hannah lived here we'd go out all the time--she usually ended up buying at least half of my drinks, and she gave me all her beer backs. HT is not a lady who mixes her poisons.


Kevin Maier, Good Professor, I have news that you purchased an Asterisk. God Bless You.


My University Bookstore does not carry Dorothea Lasky's book, nor does the library. WAVE Books, please help.


Anonymous said...

"Nobody ever buys me drinks in airport bars."

That's because you're from..wherever you're from.

The secret is, is to be from Milwaukee. That way it's almost a dare. "Oh, you're from a city famous for beer? Well I dare you to drink this beer I just bought you!"

-Karl S.

Anthony Robinson said...

Um...but isn't Milwaukee famous for CRAPPY beer? Milwaukee's Best certainly is not.

I mean, shit...I'm from an entire state known for great beer.

Doesn't help.

kevin.maier@uas.alaska.edu said...

sure did. me likes.

doming my part to get in TR's universal audience,


Julie said...

Dude, I'll buy you a drink (or a sampler) at the local girlie lounge, The Moxie.

H said...

Alas, no free beer back law in Washington. When I tell my friends here about Oregon's free beer backs, they think I'm describing some fantastic promised land. Then I remind them about the hippies.

Bryan said...

i have officially added your blog to my daily reading.

julie said...

I would probably buy you a drink in an airport bar.