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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Take My Lame Quiz



RL said...

That was tough!

Unknown said...

What a brilliant waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Sweet quiz I copied you.

Anonymous said...

You should do a quiz based on all the illegal stuff we have pulled over the years, such as:

"During an ill-advised Breaking & Entering incident, what type of watercraft was tossed into the Mac Court pool by Steve and Erik?" Answer: A Kyack.

"Name 4 objects "liberated" during that same incident" Answer: A fire extinguisher, swim-team shirts, wall clock and a CPR dummy.

"Who, in a drug and alcohol induced stupor, threw a fire extinguisher through the windshield of a car at Oakway Mall?" Answer: Mike Gould, who then developed permanent paranoia.

"Name 3 objects taken from a party we were invited to by Horse Faced Killer" Answer: Soap, a can opener, and an electric razor.

"What important household item did Erik toss over a fence as we were being kicked out of a different party?" Answer: The float mechanism from the host's toilet".

"What did Brother Bob's oddball cousin do to the tree in front of Tony and Erik's apartment on the Fourth of July while several of us were drinking within a few feet of it?" Answer: Shot it several times with a high powered rifle.

"Name 2 bars we have been kicked out of or banned from" Answer: Doc's Pad (for tearing down posters), Nexus (for sneaking in beer after hours, but, oddly enough, NOT for tearing down one of the walls).

"Name the object set ablaze in the backyard at an infamous Benson Street house party?" Answer: A couch, followed by a large portion of Greg Schapp's personal reading library.

"What did Erik and Steve do to the car belonging to a girl they did not care for?" Answer: Relieve themselves in it.

Just some random ideas for ya.


Anthony Robinson said...

I have NO idea what you're talking about, Hoppes.

So when are we gonna catch that movie?

Whimsy said...

Jeez, Tony, I got a 20. I'll do better next time. I just KNOW I shoulda got that Keyser Soze question.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know you, and I got a 30. I love multiple choice.