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Wednesday, February 11, 2004


I buy my beer at a local convenience store called Little's Market. Little's has a surprisingly good and varied selection of beer, soft drinks, wine, ice cream, and ramen. The ramen isn't any fake American stuff, either. In fact, it's so un-American that it's nearly impossible to tell what you're buying. At any one time, the shelves are stocked with at least a dozen varieties of very colorful ramen, priced at 89 cents, all in Korean.

I always buy a package, usually after several beers, take it home, cook it, and then forget about it. Occasionally, though, I'll find a REALLY GOOD ramen, but since I don't read Korean, I have a hard time remembering which is which. I've come up with a solution. I plan on buying two packs of ramen every few days, photographing each package, and then recording the tasting results immediately after. I'll post the findings here. I've got a green package and a red package in my cupboard. Watch this space for a detailed analysis.

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